FBI Records Expedited

DCS Visa Solutions is a trusted FBI Channeler Partner. We provide same day Live Scan Fingerprinting and FBI background checks. Fingerprints are electronically submitted using an encrypted, secure and FBI approved communication system. FBI background check results are returned in 24 hours on average and in some cases a few minutes. We can capture your fingerprints in our office by using our FBI approved live scan system.

Convenience and VIP Services At Your Office

Our VIP service gives our customers the luxury of a personal visit. We can set up our scan device at their place of business for their convenience, in case they don't have time to come to our office, or in cases of a large group of people.

Outside Texas?

If you reside outside Texas and can't visit our office at all, just collect your fingerprints at the nearest Police Department and ship the report to us. We also provide the card scanning service.

FBI fingerprint background checks can be used for:

  • Visa applications
  • Travel or work permit requirements,
  • Foreign adoptions
  • Your own personal review
expedited fbi records