About Us

We specialize in rendering visas, passport, procurement of documents and immigration consultancy services to corporations, as well as individuals, regardless of their location.

Our office is located in Houston, Texas, US, in the Galleria area. It is a very strategic location near all major Consulates and few minutes from downtown which makes our services convenient to our local clients.

Also, DCS is affiliated with immigration firms located globally that enable us to provide multijurisdictional support and scale our client's total immigration process.

We have been providing consultation for years and this has been possible because of our friendly connection with all the major Embassies and Consulates. We have several major corporations as clients and we invest our time and resources to get things done the right way at the very first attempt. We work to reach our client's expectations while avoiding delays.

Moving you globally with our personalized service is our mission. We want to make your world borderless, give us a chance to serve you and see the difference.

We make your world borderless.

Demetrius de Oliveira – Founder
Demetrius de Oliveira – Founder

Automated and Secure Customer Management

Our custom built management software ensures your privacy and keeps us efficient.